Find us at Greenwich Market

Greenwich Market, London SE10 9HZ

Friday to Sunday

11AM – 5PM

Greenwich Market – stall established in 2013.

The original location, our home roots. We held our very first stall here and haven’t looked back. Nestled in the island of Greenwich square, we have cemented ourselves into the local hearts. It’s where we first showcased our signature wooden rails – one-of-a-kind design meets functionality at its finest. The stall itself has evolved over time, and against the odds, currently keeping it simple but always looking to adapt.
Even if you’re not looking to update your wardrobe, we whole heartly recommend a visit to Greenwich just for the location. It’s like a little village in a big old city with plenty to see and do.
Location in market – Somewhere central-ish, usually to the left as you enter from Durnford Street, although location is subject to change at the will of the management so keep your eyes peeled.