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Let’s not mess around, we are a simple clothing brand. Always working with the ethos of originality, we view less is more regarding design. With our studio now based in Sheffield, but with strong roots still in London, we create as much as we can inhouse. It is our passion to keep as much creativity as possible within our own walls.
All apparel designs are printed on our 4 pallet, 6 screen carousel. Flashed dried, belt cured, we fold and pack with care, all by hand. Our Jewellery is hand mixed, poured, sanded and polished, with perfect little imperfections. The signature labels on our beanies and in our garments are sewn on by our talented team of seamstresses.
We’d love for you to become a fan of our brand, or welcome back if you already are. We hope to offer 5-star customer service so if you have any questions, please ask away. Otherwise, go have a good butcher – shop

Latest News

The low down

The low down Established in 2013. Cementing our roots as a street brand at the local markets (Greenwich and then Spitalfields), what started out as an excuse to keep any artistic practice alive, Plain Bear has now developed into a defined brand.

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Our past

Our past Plain Bear's distinctive style developed from our years spent studying sculpture at university. 

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